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The Universe speaks very specifically in nature and in life. The real pictures - the Amaterasu art pieces are the ones the Universe creates that are already there.

The majority of this art was created in Rideau Lakes Township utilizing the backdrop of the Rideau Canal. The art you find here has been influenced by Aikido, a spiritual martial art which emphasizes such things as the study of nature, true equality and harmony. 

God Is My Light

December 10, 2018
by Janice Walter

O'Sensei, the founder of Aikido taught that the Universe is our greatest teacher, our greatest friend.  He encouraged individuals to study and learn from nature - things like rocks, streams, plants and trees.  Everything should be your teacher he said.  O'Sensei had more than one Light experience which can be read about.  He explained that this Light would be expressed differently everywhere it was taught.  His final calligraphy was Hikari, the character for Light.   

Rinjiro Shirata Sensei, 10th dan, taught that Aikido is a Path of Light, and Professor John Stevens, 7th dan, teaches that Aikido is Light.

Mother Teresa’s mission was to guide individuals to Jesus’s Light and to help each person to become this Light in his or her life.  

For me, I first felt the Light of the Universe while cross country skiing along a trail in the woods.   The blissful Light of the Universe contains gentle, soft, flowing warmth, truth, peace, courage and a deep healing compassion.  Within the Harmony of Light one can know the Heart of Love, and the flower of the spirit of one's soul can come alive with Light, Love, Courage, Peace and grow.


Sitting on a calm lake
in a boat that drifts and flows
the Light of Heaven
shines clearly 
to the bottom of the lake
bathing everything in Light

Breathe in the Light of the Universe
Light increases
Receive the Sound of the Universe
Sound increases
Receive the Love of the Universe
Love endures

World Peace

God is my Light.

Janice Walter
Amaterasu Art Studio

Among other things, the enso is symbolic of the Universe, community and peace.

    Family Oriented - A flowing Zen perspective.