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The majority of this art was created in Rideau Lakes Township utilizing the backdrop of the Rideau Canal.

The art you find here has been influenced by Aikikokaido, a spiritual martial art which emphasizes such things as the study of nature, true equality and harmony. 

About the artist:

Janice Walter is an independent research professional and a teacher of photography and Aikikokaido in Rideau Lakes Township, Ontario Canada.
Amaterasu Art
Even the most
Skillful artist
Does nothing more
Than copy
Divine creation.

Onisaburo Deguchi
From The Philosophy of Aikido by John Stevens
The Universe is our greatest teacher,
 our greatest friend.
  It is always teaching us the Art of Peace. 

Study how water flows in a valley stream,
 smoothly and freely between the rocks.
mountains, rivers, plants and trees--
should be your teacher.

Morihei Ueshiba, O'Sensei
Founder of Aikido

The Universe speaks very specifically in nature and in life.
 The real pictures - the Amaterasu art pieces are the ones the Universe creates that are already there.


To avoid the constraints of temple life, the original Zen masters of China lived mostly outdoors. Similarly, outdoors in nature is a perfect place to practice Amaterasu Art. The real pictures - the Amaterasu Art pieces - are the ones the Universe creates that are already there.  Amaterasu artists attempt to share these pieces along with the timeless inner qualities that go hand in hand with peace, open spaces, campfires, sky, water, wind and light.

Amaterasu Art is a contemporary, Universal art.  It depicts the essence of nature through photography in the places where essence and form meet - often in conjunction with poetry, calligraphy or Zen art.

Amaterasu Art follows many of the same principles as calligraphy and Zen art, and like each of these art forms, it can also be found in both colour and black and white.  Artists flow in harmony with their work just as it happens, so being outside, patience, the natural flow of events and the unexpected (For example, apple trees in the forest.) will help convey an understanding of the meaning, the essence of the artist(s) and the Divine regardless of language barriers. Sharing insight is much more important than skill or perfection.

Like puzzles, Amaterasu art usually has several layers of meaning that could range from light-hearted to quite urgent which unfold in the fullness of time.

Has art ever found you?

    Family Oriented - A flowing Zen perspective.