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The Universe speaks very specifically in nature and in life. The real pictures - the Amaterasu art pieces are the ones the Universe creates that are already there.

Flower. (Hana).   Life. (Ikiru.)

by Janice Walter

When I first began taking pictures of wildlife and nature, I would try to make things happen. Eventually I came to truly appreciate that a person cannot make the butterfly sit on the flower. The flower has to already be there. The butterfly has to arrive. 

Through decades of practice with wildlife photography I learned it requires a different kind of patience and skill to work without a close up lens to get pictures of wildlife taking the time to look at me up close.  

In today's world of digital photography and computers, I could make a picture happen, but then the whole point would be missed.  The point is what is the Universe trying to say to me?

Much later on after I had begun my own devoted practice which also includes photography, I came to the understanding through those practices that the Universe (God in Christian terms) is always speaking.  It is up to each individual to begin to listen, notice and see.

On more than one occasion, I would only notice the very profound photographic results that had occurred after or sometimes even long after I had gotten back to a place where I could thoroughly check the photographs out. Sometimes the meaning of these pieces is hidden in the most intricate fine details, and understanding is a process that continues to unfold over time.   I've discovered the Universe is very patient, and it also has a tremendous sense of humor.

Like a caterpillar to a butterfly, or a seed to a flower, learning how to be there when the caterpillar and seed arrive together naturally is part of the process of transformation that comes about naturally through one's own sincere, devoted, regular practice.

When this happens naturally, the flower of the spirit of one's soul has come to life.

Janice Walter
Amaterasu Art Studio

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