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Life - Day After Day, Creating A New Day
September 26, 2014
by Janice Walter
 Amaterasu Art Studio Blog

    Family Oriented - A flowing Zen perspective.
There are some new things that have happened recently at Amaterasu Art Studio, and I've made a number of changes ...  Click here for more...
Transformation.  Flower.  (Hana.)  Life.  (Ikiru.)

September 15, 2018
by Janice Walter

Amaterasu Art starts in the heart of nature. Taking pictures of nature from the heart as they naturally occur provides an opportunity to begin to learn to become in tune with the Universe. The process of learning to both receive and share an understanding of what your heart can see is much more important than skill or perfection.   Click here for more...

November 20, 2019
by Janice Walter

If one is lucky enough to see an enso that was painted by a true master, it is helpful to know that many years of prior training will have been involved in its creation. Such an enso will often have several  Click here for more...

The Universe speaks very specifically in nature and in life. The real pictures - the Amaterasu art pieces are the ones the Universe creates that are already there.