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From Our 
Life Collection
Faithful Loving Tenno Hikari Monogamous Couple 

by Janice Walter
Art the Universe creates.
    Family oriented - A flowing Zen perspective

One early spring a while ago, a family member and I decided to spend some time together, so we drove to a park at the edge of some water.  There was no-one around for miles.  

Once we arrived, and after we'd been at the beach for a couple of minutes, we noticed five swans off in the distance. Much to our surprise and delight, they began to head over towards us. These swans from the wild came within 1-20 feet of us as they swam, played, tipped to the bottom for food, posed, preened and poked at each other.  Even though we had no food to give them, the swans were curious and came right up to us.  They stayed for more than an hour.
Swans are one type of species where couples usually stay together for life unless there are significant nesting difficulties, and then they sometimes reconfigure in an other relationship and try again.  The swans work together to raise their family.  If you look closely at the size of their young and the colour  of their feathers you can sometimes see different ages of young swans within a flock.  One of the swans appeared to be in charge and was observing intently from a distance the whole time.

Faithful loving couples and their families are not limited to swans in the wild though.  Other birds and animals such as loons, seagulls and beaver, to name just a few, also remain with their partners and form strong family bonds.  

​In the art studio there is another example of a faithful loving couple found outdoors in nature who's relationship has been naturally carved by the Light of the Universe in stone.
Faithful Loving Tenno Hikari Monogamous Couple