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The Universe speaks very specifically in nature and in life. The real pictures - the Amaterasu art pieces are the ones the Universe creates that are already there.


by Janice Walter

If a person is lucky enough to see an enso that was painted by a true master, it is helpful to know that many years of prior training will have been involved in its creation. Such an enso will often have several layers of meaning, each of which will gradually unfold on their own in the fullness of time.

Each enso is different with its own meaning(s), and is a carrier of the artist's message(s) and a reflection of their state of mind at the time.

A person can begin to become more in touch with themselves by practicing enso's and Japanese calligraphy using ink and a brush. It helps with developing compassion and moving sincerely from one's center as well.

The intensity of the brush stroke, the flow of the brush, the choice and placement of seals if there are any, and the colour of ink used as well as the type of mounting (if any) and its details all help to share the message. However, the real expression is within the art itself, the essence of which is transmitted on paper from the person through the brush.

    Family Oriented - A flowing Zen perspective.

Among other things, the enso is symbolic of the Universe, community and peace.