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A Sunny Summer Day

by Janice Walter

In the darker, colder, first snowy days of the year at the end of November, it can help one's general outlook to think about a warm sunny summer day.  There are plenty of opportunities for taking photographs on the water on a sunny day at any time of year.   During the daytime, there are often opportunities for nearby wildflowers in the spring, hiking, swimming, boating and the like in the summer, colourful leaves in the fall, and snow, ice, skiing and skating in the winter.    Whether it is an event with family and friends, a solitary moment, or wildlife that suddenly appears, it is a good idea to always have a camera close by.  

If one gets more determined about practicing photography, it can be helpful to practice working with whatever is close at hand, as well as something that isn't moving too fast.  Plants, trees and landscapes are sometimes easier to work with for practice than wild animals that show up less frequently and rarely stay or remain still for long.   

Even plants, trees and landscapes are undergoing constant change though.   The moon, the sun, nature and the four seasons, time, rain, snow & ice, the wind, bodies of water and so forth make it so that everything is in constant motion, even if it appears completely still.  

Each day's sunrise and also its sunset are unique from any other day.  In the digital age where it is easier to do, taking multiple photographs of a single sunrise or sunset will show clearly that every moment of each sunrise or sunset is also different, and will provide ever so slightly different photographic results.  Is it a blazing morning sun, a foggy sunrise or some combination of both?  What do you notice?  What unfolds?  Play with it and see.

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